I am excited to introduce this new website. WOW! AS you explore the many pages you will find that It is stuffed with so much information it will become the place to go to get  information when needed, training to be taken, registrations to be made, etc.captains blog buttong

This website was born out of necessity in two ways. First, the old site needed change to be able to serve our customer with ease of use and informative at the same time. Second, this change was due to the need to upgrade. The old webpage was becoming hard to manage and it seemed as though we needed a web designed technician with years of experience to be able to make the simple needed changes. It was not user friendly in that regard. So a change was needed.

In with the new. This web page is exciting in many ways. First we are able to make quick changes and updates in a realistic time frame…we are able to serve our customer better. The website also provides the ability to sign up for courses and be able to maintain attendance of scouts through the years to come. One will be able to see who attended which event through the year, and so much more.

As a council we are very excited to be able to provide this useful tool. If there is anything that you are unable to find on this website that you feel should be there please drop us a line and tell us so.

We’ve made our changes, now it’s your turn…

If there are community events or fund raisers or special recognition you would like to tell the world, we encourage you to send us a line about the event and we will make sure it is put on the “Community Events Calendar”. This calendar is for everyone to go to and see the upcoming events within the community. It is there for everyone to be informed and to encourage participation in an activity that is not necessarily sponsored by the council. So send us a line and we’ll put in the Community Calendar.

All-in-all, we have an effective tool that will serve the needs of those within the council for many years to come. Because this web site is in its infancy there might be areas that could be improved. Your suggestions are encouraged and welcome.